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Club Dé HondredGhost La Prag is a must-visit club whenever you in Lagos. The club is among the best place to be if you want to party with top Nigerian celebrities and it is also an ideal place for networking. In addition, it is among one of the fast-rising nightlife spots in the Lagos and the environment is catchy and safe.

DAILYICTSOLUTIONS handled the Club Dé HondredGhost La Prag website that incorporates stunning, attractive, a high degree of usability layout, and target their audience in the right way. We added online booking features for booking seats online from the website.

DAILYICTSOLUTIONS also designed a unique, timeless, and solid logo for the brand.

We delivered:

  • Online booking system.
  • A unique website with great user experience design.
  • Designed a unique, timeless and solid logo for the brand.
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