Web Design Masterclass

Do you want to learn what it takes to build a standard and professional website, position yourself for a lucrative salary job by building websites for firms and companies? Do you want to start your own Website Development Business and learn how to build an eCommerce website with complete payment gateway integration? Do you want to learn how to go Digital? This training is for you!


Learn to Build and Monetize

Working Principle of Web Development, Web Domains, and Web Hosting, WordPress Installation & Configuration, Themes & Plugins, Corporate & eCommerce Website Building, Payment Gateway Integration, Client Billing, Proposal, etc.

  • E-commerce Website,
  • Business Website,
  • Blog Website, and such more.


  • A good and functioning PC capable of accessing the internet.
  • Little or no knowledge of programming.
  • A hunger to learn.

Limited space or slot available

It’s first paid, first reserved.

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Training Date:
26th-28th April, 2021


6:00pm-7:00pm daily


Whatsapp and Zoom

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